Hearst Castle

Great memory, Hearst Castle in San Simeon, between LA and San Francisco after highway 1. Recommended. Happy Sunday friends.

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Hearst Castle views are spectacular...

What music do you dance to?

Happy Weekend

In memory of Ingrid Nyquist

This is in memory of Ingrid Nyquist, a true power woman, that I was fortunate to meet and get to know since 2006. I have been blessed with the opportunity to share amazing memories and moments with Ingrid, together with her husband, my good friend and mentor Anders Nyquist´s Eco-village, Rumpan south of Sundsvall and around the world.

Ingrid was taken from us, and the last week has been really challenging and sad, I have had a hard time to cope with that Ingrid is no longer with us. I am also sad for Anders, who have been together for 62 years, their daughters and grandchildren.

Ingrid gave med early the nickname “lill-pojken” like “junior” in English, Ingrid and Anders have been like extra parents for me.

Many are our memories, most special was when Her Majesty the Queen Mother of Bhutan visited Rumpan and stayed at Ingrid´s and Anders home over the days they visited.


One other trip was 2010 when we visited Honolulu, Hawaii, that was truly magic and I am sharing a few photos here from that trip.

Anders & Ingrid received Life time achievement Awards

Ingrid, miss you, I know that you are with us in spirit, see you in Narnia,

Love Lars




#helplars is moving now $1750 of goal $2500, a big warm thank you to all that have contributed, can we reach the goal in the next days?

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Love Gratitude

Love supportive, Honest and including friends with passion, Open minds and Integrity. 💕

With gratitude Thank you. 🙏

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Want to Change the World?

Start with the little things. #makingupbed #changetheworld

The Featured Image for this post is from The Elephant Seal Beach, San Simeon California.  Photo Credits: Lars Ling. You can check out more here https://flic.kr/s/aHskWZRbtD

Tatiana Fedorova: Agent GOODdler

Women's leadership & inspiration

Stop sending rice to Nepal

  • It’s possible to be a change agent and make a difference in the world. That’s why I started GOODdler. I can’t imagine living my life and not to be concerned that so many people suffer in the world. When I hear stories of children in distress, families torn by conflicts, youth recruited to kill innocent people, and at the same time, see ignorance of many, I overcome with emotions. My response to this is to channel all the energy I have toward making this world a better place, no matter how cheesy this statement might sound.
  • When I helped orphan houses in Russia, I realized that situation with orphanages could be much less dramatic if families in need, who give up their children in order to survive, received help covering their basic necessities. This how the idea of GOODdler first came up to my mind.

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Join the journey of your life to Silicon Valley.


Want to join the journey of your life to Silicon Valley? join Nordic Impact Week!

The journey of your life in Silicon Valley and San Francisco this October 6-14th.

For the 4th year, join a Business delegation with change-makers and entrepreneurs from the Nordics Bridging the Nordics with the World in Silicon Valley NORDIC IMPACT WEEK 2017


Passion and Curiosity

Your competitors can copy your work, your style or your procedure. But, none can copy your PASSION AND CURIOSITY.  If you Hold it Firmly, the World is Yours..!!