What if you make oustanding Pitches?

On Facebook HERE Wanna make outstanding Pitches? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0pxo-dS9Hc   David JP Phillips presents 5 brilliant keys out of 110 #masterpitch   #story #bodylanguage #presentationskills #tellwhatyouwant #cleantechregion #nordicimpactweek #nordic #nordicmade #Pitch

NewCo Helsinki visits Stockholm

2 days and 11 meetings!City of Helsinki leaders from NewCo, responsible for startups and scale-ups growth and innovation, visited Stockholm to learn and co-create within the innovation & startup eco-systems for Nordic global growth.What if the Nordic Capital Cities starts to co-create for Nordic global growth?  Above photo from the visit to Sting, Stockholms Innovation and …

Ray Podder, Co-create FUTURE!

                      ”Ray lives in Los Angeles and have over his career advised most of the top 500 brands, he is a visioneer, a combination of a designer, storyteller and evolutionary strategist, bringing his vision for transformation at the intersection of investment and innovation for the 21st …

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