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DrFuture RadioShow with Lars Ling, CEO & Founder CleanTech Region

Nordic Impact Week launch

Brilliant minds -  Nordic Impact Week Silicon Valley  28th Jan 2016

¬†¬†Welcome to the “Nordic Impact Week” launch.

Live-webinar 9AM-10AM brilliant minds with the latest from Silicon Valley and the Nordic.


The Nordic Impact Week will take place in San Francisco and Silicon Valley later in SEPTEMBER 10-18th 2016.

This meeting is a presentation of the Nordic Impact Week in September, planning and gathering for everyone in the Bay Area who are Interested to meet and engage with the Nordic Business delegation, co-create and participate in the event.


Nordic Innovation House, Palo Alto, Thursday 28th between 9am – 12pm with lunch.


9-10am This first hour will be broadcasted as a Live-webinar

We have gathered some of the best Brilliant minds from The Valley and The Nordics to share the latest updates on some of the most important areas;

* Next generation Smart Cities РCleanTech. *Women with Impact. *Incubators & Science Parks accelerator *Impact Investing. *Digital Innovation, *Industrial Revolution 4.0. *Entrepreneurship. * VR virtual reality. *Evolutionary leadership.  The Silicon Valley Model- Management for Entrepreneurship. 

*Lars Ling, CEO & Founder CleanTech Region and Nordic Impact Week. Welcome and Introduction of the Nordic Impact week. 

*Anne Lidgard, Director Vinnova at Stanford and partner in Nordic Innovation house, gives us and Introduction of Nordic Innovation House and Latest updates from Silicon Valley. 

*Fyodor Ovchinnikov, Co-Founder Institute for Evolutionary Leadership gives us and Introduction and Presentation of Evolutionary Leadership. 

*Dr Annika Steiber,¬†¬†Founder and CEO INNOWAY and author of the bestseller book gives an Introduction to “The Silicon Valley Model- Management for Entrepreneurship”

*Rikard Steiber, CEO MTGx and Chief Digital Officer MTG the latest in VR- Virtual Reality and Digital Industrial revolution 4.0

*Katarina Brunat,  Co-founder & Chairman of the Board at A Win Win World and a a Climate Reality leader gives us and Introduction to Women with Impact and how to get more action for a more Sustainable future.

*Sheridan Tatsuno, ¬†Co-founder Vitual √Ėresund, Founder Dreamscape and author of the bestseller book¬†“In the Valley of Digital Dreams”:

*Lars Ling, wrapping up and Why you should attend the Nordic Impact week

                               Live-webinar 9AM-10AM brilliant minds with the latest

End of live-webinar. 

Coffee Break and lunch

10.20am – 12.00pm

Open discussion around the programs and themes.

Everyone in the Bay-area who are Interested in co-create and meeting the with Nordic Business delegation coming to San Francisco for the “Nordic Impact Week are welcome.¬†

Idea’s for themes for the programs areas for the Nordic Impact Week. To be discussed.

* Smart Cities – CleanTech, * Women with Impact, * Incubators & Science Parks accelerator * Impact Investing, * Digital Innovation, * Industrial Revolution 4.0, * Entrepreneurship * VR virtual reality, * Evolutionary leadership.

Nordic Impact Week is organized by NordicsGoSoCap with SOCAP, Social Capital markets that is one of the world’s largest meeting place for the new Impact Economy. Video with Kevin Jones, co-founder of SOCAP


Team Nordic Impact Week

Nordic Innovation House


Reservation for changes in the program

From the 2015 Nordic Impact Week below.

Program 2015

Participants & Speakers 2015

About Us 2015

Nordic Impact Week is organized by NordicsGoSoCap for the 3rd year in co-operation with the Lund Open Innovation, SISP- Swedens Incubators and Science Parks,  SOCAP, Socialcapitalmarkets and partners together with Nordic Innovation House and team in Silicon Valley and Bay Area. 

Some of the participants from the 2015 Nordic Impact Week with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Join us for business and Inspiration in Silicon Valley 3-11 Oct 2015

Join us for business and Inspiration in Silicon Valley 3-11 Oct 2015.



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Are you Ready? Join us to Silicon Valley!

Are you Ready? Join #NordicsGoSoCap15 team to Silicon Valley! from CleanTech Region on Vimeo.

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Anne Lidgard, Silicon Valley the Innovation hub with attitude! (English)

(English)#Anne Lidgard, Director for Vinnova why Silicon Valley is the Innovation hub with attitude!! from CleanTech Region on Vimeo. Continue reading “Anne Lidgard, Silicon Valley the Innovation hub with attitude! (English)”

Green Solutions from Sweden & Nordics LIVE on Drfuture Radioshow in Silicon Valley!

More Sunday thoughts dedicated to Steve Jobs

You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, it has made all the difference in my life. – Steve Jobs

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. 

Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement address at Stanford University. ¬†Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford address