Marc J. Lane – The Mission Driven Venture

Join Marc J. Lane´s LIVE WEBINAR 7PM Paris time 15th Dec about his latest and 35th book – The Mission Driven Venture.

The Mission-Driven Venture offers anyone committed to social innovation a hands-on, actionable guide for leveraging the power of the market-place to solve the world’s most difficult social problems.

Marc is a nationally recognized business and tax attorney, a Master Registered Financial Planner, a Registered Financial Counselor and a Certified Investment Specialist. He is the author of 35 books on corporate organization, management, taxation, investment, personal finance, and social enterprise.

The Mission Driven Venture

CleanTech Capital Day Malmö May 19-21

CleanTech Capital Day May 19-21 Malmö, Sweden, Nordics 72157652687991608

Sheridan Tatsuno on Silicon Valley opportunities for CleanTech companies.

Sheridan is a long-time Silicon Valley market researcher, breakthrough strategist and serial entrepreneur who has advised over 700 global tech companies and co-launched 8 startup companies since 1983. His recent interview recording on developing breakthrough strategies is available:


Breakthrough in Doha! (Dohastyle)

The Real Gangnam style!

Wish you a great weekend!

      Wish all my friends a great weekend with a great quote!

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.”

 – Steve Jobs

Photo: View over Port Douglas 1000 miles beach – what a Paradise!

What does it take to put at man on the moon? The will to do it!

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Dreams come true!

            Thank you to Johan Ernst Nilson, World Explorer making a difference! 

CleanTech Region – Sweden – take the lead in CleanTech – Mynewsdesk

CleanTech Region – Sweden – take the lead in CleanTech – Mynewsdesk

På bilden Mr Andreas Carlgren med Joakim Byström, VD för Absolicon Solar Concentrator vid deras installation på sjukhuset i Härnösand som ger el, värme och kyla.