What if you make oustanding Pitches?

On Facebook HERE Wanna make outstanding Pitches? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0pxo-dS9Hc   David JP Phillips presents 5 brilliant keys out of 110 #masterpitch   #story #bodylanguage #presentationskills #tellwhatyouwant #cleantechregion #nordicimpactweek #nordic #nordicmade #Pitch

Join the journey of your life to Silicon Valley.

Want to join the journey of your life to Silicon Valley? join Nordic Impact Week! The journey of your life in Silicon Valley and San Francisco this October 6-14th. For the 4th year, join a Business delegation with change-makers and entrepreneurs from the Nordics Bridging the Nordics with the World in Silicon Valley NORDIC IMPACT …

What does it take to put at man on the moon? The will to do it!

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