Happy National Day Sweden

Happy National Day Sweden, I am proud and happy to call Sweden my home country and very fortunate to be born here.

The tradition of celebrating this date began 1916 at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, in honor of the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523, as this was considered the foundation of modern Sweden.

All about Swedens National Day:

Sweden and Nordics have great experience, solutions, and know-how in sustainability, please contact me and I will more than happy to help you.

A new Great article in Huffington post, why Sweden?  Sweden has shown…

My mission is to Share Swedens and the Nordics Climate and Impact solutions for global challenges to Inspire the rest of the world to change towards our Global Sustainability goals and a 100% renewable society for future generations.

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Lars Ling

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Solar PV poised to shine brightly in Africa

New IRENA reports hints that it is finally time for solar to shine in Africa.

Source: Solar PV poised to shine brightly in Africa

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CleanTech Capital Day Malmö May 19-21

CleanTech Capital Day May 19-21 Malmö, Sweden, Nordics 72157652687991608

CleanTech Region Success story – Swedish Solar energy to the U.S.

Unique concept for marketing green technology

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CleanTech Region – Svenskt miljöteknik företag inom ventilation levererar till Korea

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Thoughts to the People – friends and families in Japan this day

Todays thought and blessings goes to all the people and friends in Japan that have been devostated by an earthquake and Tsunami. I am thinking of you all and sending my best wishes and prayers.

I feel so strongly for everyone since I was in Tokyo last year this time and attaching a photo from this amazing city which I am convienced they will keep up faith and keep going.