Happy and blessed friday to you all!

Todays photo is from? One of the best places (Island) during Swedish summer!

Happy St Patrics Day to all – today to Japan

Hard Rain Project – Bob Dylan and Mark Edwards

Speaks for itself - find out more HardRain ProjectTodays photo: Tokyo nights - feb 2010 in Roppongi outside hotel

The Knowing – doing GAP

Hi there, new day - new opportunities!I know that says most people, but how much that we say we know are we actually doing. I most cases not much at all. How´s that. Find out more in this video by Bob ProctorAlso  please enjoy todays another recommended wise person Les Browns twitter stream.Todays photo is a beautiful …

New day with Japan in my mind

Another day with my mind and support to Japan and all the people that been hit by the horrible earthquake and tsunami. And as that wasn´t enough we are under pressure by the nuclear power stations that are in trouble many of them. I really ask for the best to happen and for a quick …