100% ECO-Cycle Village – Rumpan

Enjoy the 100% Eco-cycle Village Rumpan in Njurunda, south of Sundsvall Sweden. Build by architect Anders Nyquist founder of Eco-cycle design and founded 50 years ago when Anders started the development of this regenerative Village. One of the best examples of a real Eco-cycle Village founded by architect Anders Nyquist. Produced by Green Renaissance supported …

Regenerative Co-creation

The time is now to co-create a future where humanity has a regenerative impact on the planet. Regenerative Co-creation of our FUTURE  Thank you for sharing Daniel Christian Wahl #regenerative #cleantechregion #impactgroup #nordicmade

Want Real Revolutionary Results?

Hey, do you believe we have a  situation in our world today that are not sustainable? Do you believe we can do something about it? I believe so too. I know where you should start, who to contact and the best exponential technologies there is. Over the last decade, I mapped and sourced the best …

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