CleanTech Region – one of the worlds most innovative regions

Download CleanTech Region – one of the worlds most innovative regions 


21 April 2010


Region – one of the worlds most innovative regions

The CleanTech Region initiative has been chosen as one

of the most innovative regions in the world by the publisher of The New

Economy magazine.  Competitors

came from 40 other regions in the world, including Finland, Abu Dhabi, San

Diego, Australia and Brazil.

CleanTech Region won the top award for its intensive

work on projects such as the magazine Green

Solutions from Sweden and a world tour implemented in February this year,

which visited Singapore, Australia, China, Japan, the United States and Brazil.

“No other region has implemented similar projects,” says Courtenay Harewood,

program director of the I40 Top Innovative list.

Behind the successful venture lies an EU project run

by the county administrative boards of

Jämtland and Västernorrland, together with the municipalities of Östersund

and Sundsvall and Jämtland county council.

“Here in Mid Sweden we have not yet told the world

about our knowledge to any great extent, but we plan to work via the CleanTech

Region project – which is organized by the Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce and

participating companies – to advance our positions and export even more

environmental technology from the counties of Mid Sweden,”  says Dick Jansson, President of the Mid

Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

At the beginning of May a delegation consisting of the

County Governor of Västernorrland, environmental technology companies including

Absolicon, Airstar, Solljus and Ecocycle design, the Chamber of Commerce, and

regional representatives will travel to London, England to receive the award

and introduce themselves at the London stock exchange and the Swedish embassy.

“We regard this opportunity as a strong mustering of

forces by the environmental industry, and a chance to discuss business

possibilities and solutions,” Lars Ling says. “Now we are moving from talk to


For further

information contact:Lars Ling, Project Manager, Clean

Tech Region, tel. +46 (0)70-299 40 41 See

also and Thure


Project Manager Jämtland County Council, tel. +46 (0)70-601 70 40

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