NewCo Helsinki visits Stockholm

2 days and 11 meetings!

City of Helsinki leaders from NewCo, responsible for startups and scale-ups growth and innovation, visited Stockholm to learn and co-create within the innovation & startup eco-systems for Nordic global growth.

What if the Nordic Capital Cities starts to co-create for Nordic global growth? 

Above photo from the visit to Sting, Stockholms Innovation and Growth incubator, awarded Sweden’s best Accelerator/Incubator for startups, big thanks to Pär Hedberg CEO hosting us. From left you have Timo Helenius, Henrik Keinonen, Pär Hedberg, Christian Lardot, Tommo Koivusalo, photo credit: Lars Ling.

Thank you, Stockholm for having us, epic times ahead, from team Helsinki Tommo Koivusalo Henrik Keinonen

Helsinki’s vision is to be the most functional city in the world!

Stockholm’s vision is to be the Smartest City in the World by 2040.

Highres photos

NewCo Helsinki Stockholm County Invest Stockholm Vinnova KTH Innovation Karolinska Institutet Sting – Stockholm Innovation & GrowthMy Helsinki Nordic Impact Week Stockholms Handelskammare SaltXSaltX LABS Inovia AI Epicenter Stockholm Norrsken Foundation Jan Vapaavuori Anna König Jerlmyr Business Finland Business SwedenJan Vapaavuori

Video vibes from the visit to Epi-center

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